National Leaders Introduction

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National Leaders Introduction

Post by Luxa von Bismarck on Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:10 pm

So we have an introduction thread, but we have yet to introduce our national leaders to each other. It's important to know who we are dealing with after all! So without further ado here we go!

So House Biscotti is ruled by the Cynical Chancellor Luxa von Bismarck. She's the youngest ruler of the nation and the most powerful. She wields absolute power. She has a reputation for being warm and friendly, but at the same time as cold as ice. She has an approval rating of 100% and even allows people to 'vote' ('approve' (basically they have no choice) whoever she appoints). All in all she is loyal to friends, but not someone you want to get on the bad side of.
Luxa von Bismarck
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Re: National Leaders Introduction

Post by AstraKatG on Mon Feb 22, 2016 5:01 am

Ekaterina -- so named with her mother's dying breath -- is a ruler shrouded in mystery. Most of which is repeated about her are nothing more than legends that may or may not be true. She is known as both the Immortal Princess of Altai Kalmyk Kingdom and the Blessed Goddess of that nation's official religion, the Delvian Seek. Rarely is she seen outside of official ceremonies, to the point where most of the population wouldn't recognize her if they saw her on the street. Even less is known of her demeanor, but with rumors of mystical powers, few are eager to cross her or contradict her divine will.

It is said that she was born on Mt. Moya in the Altai Mountains, now the site of Altai's capital city. She is said to have flame red hair, piercing blue eyes, and youthful looks, despite being the ruler of Altai for its entire thousand-year recorded history -- and even the earliest scrolls already establish her as a competent ruler who convinced the Delvian and Kalmyk peoples to live in harmony.

Many modern scholars theorize that her name is but a title, passed from one flame-haired maiden to another throughout the ages, a lie meant to keep the populace in line. However, since the recording of her visage is prohibited by law and she always wears her sky blue hooded robes in public, rarely ever speaking, it's impossible to know for sure. Some of the longer-lived races of the kingdom swear that it's the same woman, but who can say for sure?

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Re: National Leaders Introduction

Post by Prezyan on Mon Feb 22, 2016 10:12 pm

Emperor Prezyan, Fourth of his Name, Chosen by Heaven, Divinely Guided, and Forever Wise. The Emperor's full title is seldom used outside of official documents and when addressing the Emperor for the first time or before the Imperial court or Ministries.

Emperor Prezyan, son of Emperor Sujyn, grandson of Emperor Kaylem, and so forth. The Imperial linage is said to be unbroken since the first Emperor circa 736 BC.

Prezyan, having been Emperor since 1992, has encountered significant anti-imperial sediment. No previous Emperor has had this difficulty, however it is speculated that his father, Emperor Sujyn, used secret paramilitary forces to quell resistance. Lately Emperor Prezyan has taken a salutary neglect type of rule in regards to the Imperial Provinces.

However, so far under Emperor Prezyan's reign, major scientific leaps have been achieved. With a substantial amount of the nation's GDP (17.7%) going towards scientific grants and other Imperial-sponsored scientific projects. Despite this however, the Empire continues to be riddled with mass poverty. The Emperor has attempted to fix the problems, but lack of enforcement has caused legislation regarding wages to go unenforced throughout the Empire.
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Re: National Leaders Introduction

Post by Guest on Tue May 10, 2016 8:52 pm

Lord-King Bisente [24] of the house Consunia was nominated 'Lord-King of the Canary Islands' by the lord and ladys of the island chain nation after the war. The Kingdom of Spain executed his father [Lord-Mayor Juan Salvador Consunia: 51] and older brother [Lordling Chiente Consunia: 28] for conspiring a rebellion, which in turn led to the creation of the Kingdom we see today.

"Born of nobility but walking among the people" is something not many nobles can relate to. Bisente Consunia was able to achieve this as he was not the heir to the House Consunia during the time. He is naive when speaking to people, but as demonstrated during the war he is willing to become a demon to protect those he cares about.

Thus far, his reign has been met with good intentions both at home and abroad. Passing moderate polices to keeping the economics of the country fairly competitive and balanced for his people. As stated by the constitution he is there for life, and he plans to make his country a strong one... one that can rival if not be bigger than Spain.

Only time will tell if this young Lord-King would ever become a "King" or be forgotten in history like all the others that started like him.


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Re: National Leaders Introduction

Post by Tristar Majestica on Mon Aug 01, 2016 7:28 pm

His Majesty Emperor Tristar Majestica is the leader and head of state for the Imperial Republic of Hungadada. The Emperor was crowned shortly after the rebellion against the dictatorship. His Majesty is known to be a kind and generous soul and has donated much of his wealth to humanitarian causes, and to the protection of the environment. In times of crisis, he is known to maintain a level head.

His Majesty's reign has been peaceful. However, over the past few months, pirates and dictator sympathisers have been causing severe difficulties. The capital, Port Royalty was recently bombed in a bio-chemical attack. The Royal family was evacuated, and currently resides upon IHNS Direct, and multifunctional navy vessel.

The Hungadadian population greatly approve of His Majesty's reign, and his policies. Approval ratings stand a glorious 100%. His Majesty is the Supreme Commander of the Hungadadian Imperial Armed Forces (HIAS).

His Majesty Emperor Tristar Majestica hopes that his reign will bring peace and stability to the nation of Hungadada, while maintaining friendly relations with the great nations nearby and afar.

Tristar Majestica
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Re: National Leaders Introduction

Post by President Rykov on Sun Sep 18, 2016 11:14 pm

His Excellency, President Rykov, President of the People's Republic of Nyrkryzstan is the head of state and the head of government of the People's Republic of Nyrkryzstan. He is a dictator as he has had considerable power over the nation (becoming reelected every few years) since its independence about more than a decade ago. However, he has an approval of almost 100% and most people in the country view his term of office positively. This is no surprise as the head of the People's Republic of Nyrkryzstan has done a lot for his nation and people and as that has remained his focus and devotion.

Nyrkryzstan has one of the world's best education (which not only teaches the subjects but also moral values), best (mostly government owned) businesses (whose focus is not profit but serving the population), and many other things. This is largely thanks to His Excellency, President Rykov, President of the People's Republic of Nyrkryzstan! Nyrkryzstan has a lot of national pride, identity, and symbolism, and a unique philosophical system that most citizens abide by.
President Rykov

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Re: National Leaders Introduction

Post by MaxVespia on Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:08 pm

The most Holy of Emperors, His Excellency Max Vespia, rules over the sprawling territory of the Empire of Russian Destiny. The government of the Empire is set up as an imperial monarchy. The Emperor has all power to pass laws, make war, eliminate rouges, rebels, and dissenters - yet he must answer to the Kremlin for funds to do so. The Kremlin itself cannot pass laws, but can write bills and ask His Excellency to sign them if he wishes to do so. The judicial branch of government (High Courts) are controlled by judges, working in conjunction with the polizia and parole officers. 1/2 of the judges are appointed The Kremlin while the other half is appointed by His Excellency.

The Representatives in the Kremlin are elected by the citizens of the Empire. Lobbying is illegal, however petition is recognized as a right of the people.

The Economy of the Empire is thriving, small business is encouraged, and global exports are far outpacing imports. Government officials expect the GDP to exceed 2 billion dollars during this quarter. Free trade is a key principle in the economy, and is written into the foundation of our constitution. The government does not interfere.

Our tax system works in brackets. The very rich (1 billion$ net worth or more) are taxed at a rate of 45%. Their business, however, are only taxed 10%. (This does not vary). The upper middle class (1 million-999 million) are taxed 25-44%. The middle class ($90,000-$999,000) are taxed at 10%. The lower middle class(30,000 - 89,000) are taxed at a 5% rate. The poor (0-29,999$) are not taxed at all. Our governments general policy is to not give welfare to the poor - but to spend money to create middle class job opportunities for them - thus growing the economy and their own personal wealth.

Law and Order however is very strict. Police are allowed to arrest and imprison dissenters and those that would cause disorder. Gangs are dealt with swiftly, with no mercy. Government dissenters are deported or executed, depending on the severity of their crimes.
Traitors are executed immediately.

Our education systems are some of the finest in the world. Public school is not mandatory, but a strong emphasis on mathematics, science, logic, and rhetoric are placed in the curriculum. Our teachers are paid roughly $300,000 each, due to their importance in our society. Only the smartest educators may become teachers.

Our military is also quite large, and expansions are planned. Research into aerodynamics and ballistics is being called for from various sectors of government. General Novikov was recently promoted to head air marshal. Expansions for airforce are also being planned.

We are a resource rich nation, blessed and profitable. The unemployment rate is roughly 2.2%.
Our population/wealth:
Very rich: 1.1%
Upper middle class: 5.4%
Middle class: 45.5%
Lower Middle class: 38%
Poor: 10%

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Re: National Leaders Introduction

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