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Post by amid on Sun Oct 29, 2017 7:54 pm

Two weeks ago, penguins lived perfectly inside the great penguin shaped hotel and collected various fungi and berries, in order to save the world. They didn't realize that dark magic became cake after the third day of Summer. Meanwhile, a fairy fluttered beside the majestic sword of cataclysm which farted fire and immediately caused nuclear war. Then the night turned to day suddenly. This immense change was followed by a cloud of purple elephant-shaped balloons being spontaneously sprouting flowering roses. The Prophets from the old west saw these signs as a warning of an ancient prophecy, detailing events of the starfish uprising which was occurring that evening. The starfish were riled and seriously frustrated by the lack of organisation the humans had in their floating cloud fortress on a collision course with a large four eyed walrus. It was only by chance that the leprechauns showed their mastery of luck and other Peter Pan merchandise, deflecting it, but it was too massive not to succumb to the charms of the unusually attractive mushrooms that glimmered in blinding desert sun of northern Russia. Russia was covered with spicy sauce, made from very big kinky flowers. The flowers were oddly shaped like two, large brown saucers of milk which reek of sex and candy. The flowers also of sex and various assorted items, were significantly damaged and kept in a secured jar full of squid and rainbow coloured tacos from Mexico. In Mexico, a three-legged circus dog danced across the great stage of the Panda Republic's largest bamboo field, next to the old and abandoned gingerbread house that smelled of decaying gingerbread. One morning, a fairy princess assaulted a boy because he stole her nipple ring. The ring was pink and crusty and had magical healing powers that could make any wounded baby lion roar happily again. However something strange was approaching from behind the curtains and was making such a strange that could be a pressed rat but luckily, was another dirty warthog. The warthog loved digging up corpses and giving them to Hungarian children, as a present for a special bitch and an acknowledgement of his own vast collection of African elephant tusks and tiger ornaments. The day had gone well for our small hero, however, this was simply the beginning of a long, tedious, boring story. Nonetheless, it was not the plan, and he began to prepare a beautiful picture for his old friend, the friendly badger.

The wait was made less boring by the fact, dancers wearing rainbow colored stockings and purple flowers as underwear to perfume the very intense smell that was making a great stink making everyone feel as though they were going to miss out on the tastiest cheese, from magic cows that ate all lemon and lime flavoured salad and grass, when they invited two fat goats. The goats were plump from eating lots of purple jelly beans which were flavoured by a dead kitten. The kitten was purring by the great, beautiful, mystical water pond. The pond was boiling hot and emitting an awful sounds. Mildly annoyed


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